Pahest 33 新的餐厅和酒吧于2017年开业,位于亚美尼亚首都埃里温的中心地带。以前,这个地方被用作附近咖啡馆的储藏室。

三个月足以让我们的团队重新设计和重建旧存储区域。由于该物业位于新装修的公园,最难解决的问题是覆盖入口。 虽然该物业的地面部分的主要高度仅是带有标牌的门,但是背面高度是模拟地面铺设上升到天空。

The new restaurant & bar «Pahest33», opened in 2017, is located in the very heart of Yerevan, capital of Armenia. Previously, this place was used as a storage for nearby cafe. Three months was enough for our team to redesign and reconstruct the area of the old storage. As the property is located in the newly renovated park, the most difficult issue to solve was to cover the entrance. While the main elevation of on-ground part of the property is only a door with a signage, the backside elevation is a simulation of ground paving going up to the sky.

Designed by Archangel Architectural Studio


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