Kasian 完成了Lundin Mining 位于加拿大多伦多的新办事处的设计。 Lundin Mining Corporation 是一家总部位于加拿大的跨国矿业组织,业务遍及全球,是铜,镍和锌的领导者。伦丁矿业最近完成了新楼宇的租赁谈判,该楼宇位于King St. W 150号的22号楼。这个搬迁项目为Lundin Mining提供了一个很好的机会:创造一个充满活力的新型高性能工作场所。通过指导和支持,该团队以协作的方式与Lundin Mining合作,共同开发出一处支持业务及其文化的未来工作场所。

范围从预先设计,计划确认和项目愿景开始。 Kasian团队与Lundin Mining密切合作,审核了空间要求,并让每个部门都参与其中。该公司新总部的主要目标是创建一个新的工作场所代表公司的稳定性,专业性和对其员工的尊重。开发出强大而精致的建筑元素,以描绘公司每个团队每天进行的专业化运营。面临的挑战是满足每个业务部门的需求和程序要求,同时创建一处带有凝聚力语言的空间。

Kasian completed the design for Lundin Mining‘s new offices located in Toronto, Canada. Lundin Mining Corporation is a Canadian based multi-national mining organization with operations around the globe, and a leader in copper, nickel and zinc. Lundin Mining has recently completed lease negotiations for the new premises to be located on the 22nd floor at 150 King St. W. This relocation project presents a great opportunity for Lundin Mining: the creation of a new, vibrant high-performance workplace. Through guidance and support, the team engaged Lundin Mining in a collaborative way to develop a future focused workplace that supports the business and their culture.

The scope began with predesign, program confirmation and project visioning. Working closely with Lundin Mining, the Kasian team vetted the space requirements and engaged each department in the process. The key objectives for the firm’s new Head Office saw the creation of a new workplace representative of the corporation’s stability, professionalism and respect for its people. Strong yet sophisticated architectural elements were developed to delineate the specialized operations each of the company’s groups undertake on a daily basis. The challenge was to satisfy each of these business units’ needs and demanding programmatic requirements yet create a space with a cohesive language.

Designer: Kasian

Design Team: Scott Norwood, Bing Robes, Ryann Campbell

Photography: Michael Muraz

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