一些墙壁选择的深灰色和黑色支持更鲜艳的颜色以及木材。 MaríliaFit是一个空间,旨在邀请用餐者享受高级的饮食和健康体验。

The design for Marília Fit aims to grant healthy meals, from breakfast to dinner, in a cozy and refreshing space, making people feel better. A structure composed by rectangular wooden boxes covers the walls, with different sizes and permeability, in a clear reference to a traditional public market’s smells and flavors.

The same concept verified on the facade in yellow aluminum. The chosen color highlights the store, strengthening the relation with the sun, the summer, and the related joy inherent to it. The yellow allied with the green from the back wall, as well as the blue from the couch and red from the chairs denotes a solid relation to nature.

The Italian earthen toned floor gives the feeling of coziness and relaxation. The lighting, designed by the architect, plays with arrays of light in various directions. Another highlight are the Gerbar brass fans, which are very effective and quiet.

The dark gray and black chosen for some walls endorse the more vivid colors as well as the wood. Marília Fit is a space created as an invitation for a high-class experience at eating and well-being.

Architects: David Guerra Arquitectura e Interior
Responsible Architect: David Guerra
Design Team: Jefferson Gurgel, Ninive Resende, André Gerber, Bernardo Hauck, Leticia Thibau
Photographs: Jomar Bragança
Manufacturers: Metallic Arts, Uzzo Marceneria, Abatjour de Arte, Gerbar, Florence

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