Speakers’ Corner 位于教堂广场,有着充满活力的咖啡馆和餐厅,由Urban Lime精心修复,提供了独特的办公空间,其设计体现了历史。

该建筑拥有各种规模的办公室(面积从50平方米到2000平方米),可欣赏城市美景。室内设计由InHouse和Robert Sherwood Design 与Urban Lime 设计团队和James Milborrow 项目管理公司共同设计 – 包括原木地板,裸露的砖墙,壁炉和大窗户或阳台。

Speakers’ Corner 酒店设有典雅的会议室,会议室和自由办公的舒适图书馆。酒店内的新酒吧和高级餐厅将很快开放。

Located on Church Square with its vibrant coffee shops and restaurants, Speakers’ Corner has been sensitively restored by Urban Lime to offer a unique office space, layered with history reflected in its design.

The building features an array of offices of varying sizes (from 50m² to 2000m²) with views of the city.

The interiors – designed by InHouse and Robert Sherwood Design in conjunction with the Urban Lime design team and James Milborrow Projects – include original timber floors, exposed brick walls, fireplaces and large windows or balconies. Speakers’ Corner is equipped with an elegant boardroom, meeting rooms and a cosy library complete with hot desks. A new bar and fine dining restaurant will be opening on the premises soon.

Interior Design: InHouse, Robert Sherwood Design
Contractor: James Milborrow Projects
Photographer: Andrea van der Spuy

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