Ground Architects为曼谷的咖啡馆设计提供了全新的视角。设计参与和实验结合。 Pressed Cafe 位于Rama IX,靠近市中心商业区,商业和住宅物业正在崛起,位于七层楼的一楼,是一家咖啡馆。

这间25平方米的工作室周围环绕着木栅栏板,户外庭院和巨大的玻璃墙,是室内空间的理想选择,让空间充满自然光线,并有机会眺望大型开放空间。鉴于现在几乎每个角落都能找到一家咖啡店,Pressed Cafe’ 希望通过在商店周围应用办公室工作空间的简单元素并将其变成一个有趣的社区空间来提供真正与众不同的东西。

Pressed Cafe’围绕着人们互动和实验的理念,类似于一个实验室,凳子和长凳面向服务台,而咖啡师则进行咖啡艺术。办公室顶部照明灯具也补充了实验室实验的效果。不锈钢成为明显的选择,其时尚的现代外观和灰色和白色配色方案完美匹配。


Ground Architects gives cafe design in Bangkok a whole new perspective. Design to engage and experiment to bond. Located in Rama IX close to the city’s central business district where the commercial and residential properties are rising, Pressed Cafe’ is a coffee shop tucked in on the first floor of the seven-storey building.

This 25 square meter studio enclosed with the wood fence panels, outdoor patio, and huge glass walls is ideal for interior spaces in which it allows the use of naturally available light, and the opportunity to look out into a large open space. Given that now a coffee shop can be found in almost every corner, Pressed Cafe wants to deliver something truly different though its interiors by applying simple elements of office workspace surrounding the shop and turning it into a playful space for the community.

Pressed Cafe’ works around the idea of human interaction and experiment to resemble a laboratory with stools and benches facing the serving table while a barista is performing coffee art. The office overhead lighting fixtures also complement the effect of lab experiment. Stainless steel becomes the obvious choice with its sleek modern look and perfect match for the gray and white color schemes.

Gray concrete walls and white epoxy floors give the play of lights and shadows a maximum impact, evoking the tricky feeling when relaxing in the shop. The playful object here is the office blinds which create crisp cast shadows and changing ambience throughout the day. Plus, the dark gray ceiling helps unify other features in the room. The most daring piece of decor is the neon sign which is not only attention grabbing but also gives the entire interiors a bit of edge.

Designed by Anop Sirikittikul / Ground Architects
Photography by Kanin Amboon

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