Scott | Edwards Architecture 为位于俄勒冈州本德的10 Barrel Brewing Co.设计了办公室和内部酒吧。

10 Barrel Brewing Co.总部和Eastside Pub是对相互关联过程的探索。开放式办公室工作环境与餐厅和二楼活动空间共存,位于两层玻璃墙的另一侧,作为建筑的组织和结构骨干。这些空间之间的过滤视图可以促进隐私,同时实现功能之间的和谐。


在实质性方面,该项目将最具代表性的两种材料的对话和工艺提升至10 Barrel Brewing的标识:原钢和再生木材。这一点在浮动钢楼梯,18英尺高的焊接钢制滚动隔板和整体木质特征墙的大型锚固移动中很明显,以柔化玻璃和钢框架的冷调。

Scott|Edwards Architecture designed the offices and in-house pub for 10 Barrel Brewing Co. located in Bend, Oregon.

The 10 Barrel Brewing Co. Headquarters & Eastside Pub is an exploration into interconnected processes. The open office work environment co-exists alongside the restaurant and second floor event space just on the opposite side of a two-story glass wall that serves as the organizational and structural backbone of the building. Filtered views between these spaces promote privacy while striking a harmony between functions.

The enormous transparency between these spaces amid the industrial context of a working brewery immerses patrons of the pub into the world of 10 Barrel’s daily operations. It is an acknowledgement and celebration of all parts of the process, from office culture down to bottling and the simple act of sharing a drink with friends. All programmatic components are given weight and the opportunity to contribute to the story of the client and the customer.

In materiality, the project elevates the dialogue and craft of the two materials most iconic to 10 Barrel Brewing’s identity: raw steel and reclaimed wood. This is evident in the large anchoring moves of the floating steel staircase, 18-foot-tall welded steel rolling partitions, and a monolithic wood feature wall to soften the coolness of the glass and steel framework.

Designer: Scott|Edwards Architecture
Design Team: Brian Mares, Jesse Graden, Bob Carbaugh, Nathan Junkert, Cameron Cruse
Contractor: CS Construction
Photography: Pete Eckert

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