Squire &Partners创建了这个设计,Oktra 完成了位于英国伦敦的Sound of Coworking 办公室的建设。该部是著名音乐和娱乐巨头Ministry of Sound 的新企业;他们想要一个独家会员俱乐部和共享工作区,行业专业人士可以在这里合作。Oktra与他们的标志性建筑师Squire&Partners 合作,为“下一代反叛创意人”创造娱乐和共享空间。通过为期12周的详细设计研讨会,Oktra与内部团队密切合作,创造了这样一处在审美方面感觉“优质原始”的空间。

为了管理每个功能的质量控制,Oktra创建了研讨会和抽样时间表,以提供可用资源的详细选择。为了遵守设计规范,暴露建筑的原始结构非常重要,因此Oktra 尽可能地保留现有材料。许多地方都保存着石膏和砖墙,各种墙壁被剥去,以揭示建筑的历史和原始性。

Oktra 与客户Ministry of Sound 和Squire&Partners 部门一起创建了一个动态的协作空间,推动了传统联合设施的界限。声音亭,活动空间,电影院以及带有完全照明厨房的外部和内部酒吧将支持该综合体作为娱乐空间,鼓励音乐行业内的功能和活动。从座椅到帷幔,这里都有着完全独特的设施,全程定制,精致和华丽的装饰与原始建筑的裸露工业感相得益彰。

Squire & Partners has created the design and Oktra has completed the build-out of the Ministry of Sound‘s Coworking offices located in London, England. The Ministry is a new business venture for renowned music and entertainment giant Ministry of Sound; they wanted an exclusive members club and shared workspace where industry professionals could collaborate. Oktra worked with their signature architects, Squire & Partners, to create an entertainment and coworking space for the “next generation of rebel creatives”. Through detail design workshops set over 12 weeks, Oktra collaborated closely with the internal team to create a space that feels ‘premium raw’ in its aesthetic.

To administer quality control to each feature, Oktra created workshop and sampling schedules to provide detailed selections of resources available. It was important to expose the building’s original fabric in order to adhere to the design specification, so Oktra sought to retain the existing materials as much as possible. Plaster and brickwork were preserved in many places with various walls stripped back to reveal the history and rawness of the building.

Together with Ministry of Sound and Squire & Partners, Oktra have created a dynamic collaboration space that pushes the boundaries of a traditional coworking facility. The sound booths, events space, cinema and external and internal bars with a fully catered kitchen will support the complex as an entertainment space, encouraging functions and events within the music industry. From seating to drapery, The Ministry is an entirely unique facility with bespoke touches throughout, contrasting elite and resplendent finishes with the bare industrial feel of the original building.

Designer: Squire & Partners

Contractor: Oktra

Photography: James Jones

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